Maintenance & Support

We won't leave you hanging after your site has launched. Nakasoft has your back for the long term. Sign up for our maintenance plan, where we'll handle updates and fix issues while you run your business.

We offer three monthly maintenance plans starting at NGN12,000/month, which include dedicated hosting, security monitoring, Google Analytics reports and digital consulting. If something goes wrong with your site, you’ll have priority support to fix it asap. These plans also allow you to ask us to make small changes to the site when you’re too busy or don’t know how to make them yourself. This is great if you need images updated, blog posts published or a new feature added. We can even arrange a custom plan for you to fit your particular needs.

Our maintenance service include:

  • Click through your website and keep you up-to-date on website status.
  • Enhanced website security to minimize hackers.
  • Upgrades and updates of your software.
  • Regular backups of your website and database should you ever need to restore.
  • Status reports including a list of all software versions including framework and outside services.
  • Google Analytics install for marketing reports.

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