Mobile app & website for PepsiCo

Project information

  • Category: Mobile app & Website
  • Client: PepsiCo Company Rep.
  • Project date: 08 February, 2020



The Customer is the South African commercial representative of PepsiCo Inc. — food and beverage corporation based in the USA. PepsiCo specializes in manufacturing, marketing and distribution of grain-based snack food, beverages and other products, while its South African representative is responsible for distribution of goods on the territory of South Africa.


Distribution of goods across hundreds of supermarkets scattered around the country posed quite a challenge for the company. Optimization of the following processes was required:

  • monitoring arrangement of PepsiCo products on store shelves;
  • managing operations of the responsible merchandisers accordingly.

PepsiCo needed a solution that both merchandisers working in the stores and supervisors located in their offices could benefit. Thanks to positive recommendation given by one of our Customers who had appreciated the Nakasoft’s solid experience in custom software development, our team was selected for the full-cycle project implementation.


Functionality Overview

The solution delivered is a handy reporting tool for merchandisers responsible for correct layout of the Company’s goods, and effective management instrument for supervisors coordinating the merchandisers’ work. It comprises two interdependent parts: an Android-based application and a server side (a website). Using the mobile application, a merchandiser takes a picture of goods’ layout on store shelves, supplies it with the requited information (date, merchandiser’s name, store), and sends it to the server via GPRS. Supervisors, in their turn, are able to view and analyze the data after logging in to the website.

The pictures are not saved in the merchandiser’s mobile device but uploaded directly to the server. It significantly simplifies and speeds up the process of sending and prevents possible cheating connected with upload of outdated pictures. While sending the system also automatically defines the user’s location and sends the accompanying data to the server.

Our team also implemented a clear and friendly UI, enabling merchandisers to start using the functionality at once without any training. The solution is not overfilled with unnecessary complicated features and intricate design elements, so it has no loading problems that could interrupt the workflow.


Being experienced in the technologies used within the project the team successfully went through all development stages without facing serious troubles. Comprising a mobile frontend and a web-based backend, the platform allows for monitoring shelf presentation and generating early response to flaws made by retailers, thus enhancing the company’s performance in the market. The Customer was happy to receive top-quality custom software fully matching his business requirements within the predefined time and budget.

Nakasoft's vast experience in the development of interoperable mobile and web-based merchandising applications provided for a timely delivery of a highly efficient solution tailored to our needs. We are pleased to acknowledge the reliability and flexibility of Nakasoft and recommend them as an organization truly capable of delivering high-quality solutions.

Andrei Guseletov

Director of PepsiCo Products

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