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The size of the tourism industry has been growing over the years and the way customers plan their travel has changed. They seek high quality, informative and attractive digital experience which offers competitive pricing and makes their travel booking experience hassle free. Our travel software solutions use the latest APIs and analytics, keep human intervention at minimum and thus increase the operational efficiency and sales closure.

Travel Portal

Our B2B and B2C travel portals act as a viable centralized platform to manage hotels, agencies and customer information. It allows different stakeholders the ability to synchronize the information about their services, hotels etc. dynamically so the customers can access real time data on the portal and carry out bookings. One can manage booking, sales, access and map travel content through a single integrated system. The system also allows you to integrate popular APIs to add modules like payment gateways, price comparison, ticketing platforms, social media platforms etc.

Accommodation Management

Get details about room availability, facilities in the property, filter and sorting of options based on rating and pricing etc.

Car Rental and Hire

Select vehicle pick up and drop off location, date and time & filter and sort based on availability dates, rates, model etc.

Agency and Agent Details

List of details like agent name, location, price with commission, optional quotes, accounts etc.

Client Supplier Wizard

Maintain list of agencies and their invoicing details, price listing based on seasons, mark-up and contract maintenance functionality.

Booking Management System

Manage booking quotation number, cancellations, invoices, full and partial payment options, accounts, policy and fee details.

Mobile Applications

Paperless and cashless travel with an access to centralized mobile application to keep hotel bookings and tickets handy.

Booking Engine

Build an online booking portal that allows travellers to choose from a wide range of options, facilitates easy travel bookings and integrates seamlessly with tour operators and travel agencies across the world. By using the right tools and industry insights, it offers customers the ability to book flights, accommodation, car rentals and much more as per their desired price range.

Travel agent software

With years of travel software development experience and pool of trained resources, we create solutions for small and large independent travel agencies which help them manage day to day operations in a unified fashion. Such systems help them in activities like managing records and accounts, handling customer inquiries, booking and rescheduling, conducting follow ups with customers and so on.

Restaurant Management

Pen and paper restaurant orders and transactions have become a thing of the past with the advent of advanced Restaurant POS systems and ordering apps. Get an automated and integrated view of the system like managing kitchen, bar, stores etc. on a single platform. Such system solves the challenges faced by restaurants by simplifying store management and accounting functionalities, be it for a single restaurant/eatery or a chain of restaurants.

  • Staff Profile, Clock In and Out Management
  • Payment Options Like Cash, Cheque and Credit Cards
  • Offline POS Support for Emergencies
  • Customer Info & Discount Management
  • Accounting, Users and Products Reports
  • Staff Profile, Clock In and Out Management
  • Payment Options Like Cash, Cheque and Credit Cards
  • Offline POS Support for Emergencies
  • Customer Info & Discount Management
  • Accounting, Users and Products Reports

Hotel Property Management Software

Create an online platform that combines the latest and most important management techniques and technology to reduce costs and maximize income. Our hotel management software facilitates both single as well as multiple property businesses to streamline and automate their daily task management making day to day operational and staff management efficient. Generate statistics, manage customer lifecycle, conduct smooth management of campaigns, events, workflows, member loyalty programs, feedback etc. A powerful and intuitive system helps you in finding the right market opportunities and building stronger relationships by providing customer insights.

Centralised Booking Management

Booking engine to facilitate reservation management, provide access to bookings which can be filtered based on customers, customer groups and distribution channels. Guest area and partner area to carry out respective activities and transactions, easily integrate with the hotel website

Channel Management

Provision to explore and segment distribution channels, centralised booking and administration, contract management, control of rates, real time updating facility etc.


Database setup based on guest, business and agency profiles, management of promotional campaigns, loyalty programs based on customer segmentation, conducting and managing surveys, monitoring and sharing guestsā€™ reviews on social media etc.

Yield Management

Rate management enables configuration of rates per room based on its type, policies, restrictions, setting rules as per occupancy level, creation of promo codes, design of derived rates, targeting rates by sales team etc. Alert reporting system, inventory management to get an overview of hotel distribution

Social Media Management

Managing hotel information based on social media channels, real time interactions with customers, centralised system for circulation of promotional offer announcements and marketing campaigns on social media, interaction with customers via online messages on different platforms, managing and keeping a tab on growth, activities, visitors, views, comments etc.

Mobile Apps

Access main functionalities of business modules like occupancy reports, manage rates, calendar of events, set promotional offers and codes, monitor social media on the go with mobile app. The app also allows customers to track bookings, interact with staff, share booking details and make payments

Hotel Sales & Intelligence reader

Harness the power of technology to build travel and hospitality systems that use analytics and data mining to provide you with right customer insights. Stay ahead of the competitors and offer right services to the customers Our solutions help you in identifying the right leads, understanding their purchasing behaviour and group booking patterns. Such solutions also help in business expansion by providing information about the right property based on your portfolio and optimize sales revenue using intelligent market strategies.

  • Market customization for each hotel depending on their requirements and payment
  • Create comp sets based on region and property set, analyze business competitiveness
  • Powerful lead search based on competitors, target area, event attendees and more
  • Sales team CRM to build relationship with groups and contact management
  • Matching scorecard algorithm to provide best matched leads based on booking pattern
  • Upload images and event information for field researchers, account and revenue reports
  • Daily square foot usage and event length based customer segmentation
  • Task management, workflow approval and tele verification for call center team

Mobile app Development for Hospitality

As one of the top travel software development company, we have a pool of trained and talented resources with extensive experience in modern mobile technologies. Whether you are on a lookout for a standalone task-specific app or a software that will mirror the functionality of your desktop hospitality software system, we can help you build these solutions for airlines, agencies, and travellers. And these software can run on any smartphone, tablet, and wearable device.

Why Us

Strong Travel Industry Experience

What we do is more than just coding. Our expert software developers have years of experience in creating solutions which help in enhancing your hospitality and travel business and bring an increase in profits.

Consistency and Transparency

Our working methodologies, constant brainstorming with clients to understand their needs, delivery excellence, transparent communication and team flexibility allows us to create top notch solutions

Customer Centric Solutions

It is important to us to make the design and system layout that makes the experience of the end users easy and efficient. Our team of travel software developers and designers make sure that the software meets all the front and back end requirements.

Integrations and Lifecycle Management

Integrating the latest APIs, XML, SEO and other apps and modules keeps you ahead of the competition. We make sure we are there for you right from business analysis to maintenance of the software solution.

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