Nakasoft HRM

Human Resources Management Software

Now monitoring employee activities and managing payroll is no longer a headache. With the help of Nakasoft HRM, you are able to simplify your human resource department and focus more on developing your business.

What can Nakasoft HR Management Software Do?

Nakasoft HRM helps you keep track of your employee performance, manage salaries and expenses, track calendars, centralize your HR data, simplify your recruitment process and focus on your organizational goals and many more.

  • Centralize confidential employee information and grant access permissions to authorized persons
  • Regularly evaluate employees to encourage and improve their performance
  • Manage all expenses without making a mistake
  • Keep track of employee timesheets
  • Manage recruitment process more smoothly
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Nakasoft HRM Software Features

Time & Attendance Tracking

This feature enables you to check the arrival time of each employee so you can ensure that all of your employees will arrive at the office on time. You can also find out how much time they spend in the office and how long it takes for them to complete a project.

Leave Management

Manage leave of each employee. Allow your employees to send leave requests and let their managers approve or disapprove the requests. Timesheets will always be updated automatically.

Expense Management

Make expense management simpler. Allow your employees to create and send reimbursement requests. Let their managers approve or disapprove the requests.

Performance Appraisal Management

Make regular evaluations of your employees' performance. Nakasoft HRM provides you an easy-to-use interface to evaluate employee performance by assigning ratings to reflect their actual performance in comparison to the required competencies and goals through an appraisal form.

Recruitment Management

Recruitment Management feature enables you to streamline your applicant tracking process effectively. You can post current vacancies and keep your employees informed about career growth opportunities available. You can also track a candidateā€™s application movement through the recruitment process, easily create manage interview schedules and more.

In-Depth Reports

Find out the details regarding the costs spent on the project, the costs incurred by employees for business purposes, the costs spent on employee trainings and other costs through in-depth financial reports.

Nakasoft HR Management Software Integrations

Integrate our Nakasoft HRM Software with other modules to increase its functionality.

  • Get more complete financial information by integrating Nakasoft HRM with Nakasoft Accounting
  • Monitor the employees responsible for office inventory with the help of Nakasoft Inventory
  • The integration between Nakasoft Inventory and Nakasoft Accounting will help you generate profit and loss statements


Frequently Asked Questions

Nakasoft softwares are ready-to-use products that are developed by our reliable development and research team. Our softwares are always innovating and following the latest trends, so the systems will always be updated periodically.

Yes, all Nakasoft softwares can be customized according to different business needs. You can add modules that are important to your business operations.

Yes, Nakasoft softwares allow you to grant access to multiple users without disrupting the system performance.

You will not be charged extra for adding the number of users to your softwares.

Yes, Nakasoft softwares are available in mobile versions that can help you automate your business operations more easily.

We provide 3 types of support for you; a project manager to analyze your needs, call hotlines which are available during business hours and portal support that is available 24/7 to ensure your softwares run perfectly.

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Using deep domain expertise of our software developers, we create impactful digital solutions that drive meaningful change with a strategic vision.

360o Approach

From ideation to delivery, and ongoing support, we cover the full lifecycle of enterprise application design, integration, and management through our IS360 framework.

Client Centricity

Nakasoft's boutique format allows us to maintain a highly customized approach, build a long-term partnership, and remain focused on specific tasks at hand.

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We possess exceptional domain expertise and in-depth knowledge of niche technologies: from solution architecture to firefighting projects.

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