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Digital Marketing

The execution of digital strategies is at our core, as we design campaigns for growing businesses to create meaningful connections, define key performance indicators, and continuously test, measure and optimize for improved results. Our compelling innovative concepts backed by market research allow us to achieve the business objectives of our customers and even identify new opportunities.


We do not have a 'one size fits all' approach to our solutions but offer our clients tailor-made and cutting-edge digital marketing solutions. At Nakasoft, we understand that each business is different and unique.

Digital adaptiveness

In today’s digital landscape, we are constantly inundated with new channels, tools, and platforms. They are mostly data-driven and are designed to help collect and analyze data on target customers.

Staying top-to-date

By staying up to date on the latest trends and resources, Nakasoft is able to design, build and execute successful data-driven digital marketing strategies tailored to the specific target audiences.

Our effective marketing solutions:

Content Marketing:

Attract visitors with original, well-written, pertinent content on website pages and blog articles. This will also help you rise organically in search engines.

Email Marketing:

Grow your email lists and produce regular branded campaigns to nurture and engage your client base. Leverage your email sign-up and connect it to your CRM for a more effective conversion pipeline.

Pay Per Click (PPC):

Get customers to your website faster by paying for views & clicks on a variety of online channels (Google, YouTube, Facebook, etc.).

Social Media Marketing:

Increase visibility by expanding your brand to channels that work for your audience. Engage your user base and target market. Grow relationships with thought-leaders and influencers who can help get the word out about your company.

Search Engine Marketing:

We offer our clients a comprehensive result-oriented strategy at minimal cost and profitable returns to drive your business growth. Leverage the power of our search engine marketing services and attract just the customers your business should target.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

All your web pages should be optimized for the search engines using best-practices. This will enable the search engines to easily categorize your business.

We help by creating a targeted, custom strategy, setting up accounts, creating design and content assets, monitoring analytics, client reporting, and guiding you through the process.

We are Google-certified and have years of experience in strategizing and executing holistic marketing strategies for businesses in a broad array of industries. We can provide marketing services as-needed or in the form of a monthly retainer. Our marketing staff uses analytics to monitor and report on your marketing ROI and we are flexible enough to change tactics as your audience or industry shifts.

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