Content & communications


Nakasoft delivers custom content platforms that enable publishers to perform end-to-end capture, distribution, storage and systematic management of unstructured digital assets.


Our mobile content management solutions incorporate vast collaboration features and empower companies with secure, anytime access to essential business content.


We help businesses simplify, standardize, and rationalize their existing IT environments, improving compliance and resolving taxonomy, versioning and metadata issues.

Digital publishing

Built to cover the entire content development process while providing access to a network of contributors, our solutions allow publishers to transform content, expertise and know-how into tailored and engaging experiences across multiple channels for internal or external audiences. Spiced with content marketing, editorial, and campaign management tools, they enable companies to intelligently manage, reuse, repurpose and publish multilingual content to multiple distribution channels

Digital media

Nakasoft develops integrated dynamic systems that serve as centralized, secure and accessible repositories with workflows and features for creative production, collaboration, publishing and distribution of digital media assets. Empowered with dense capacity packaging, high media throughput rates, and non-disruptive scaling, our custom media solutions provide an infrastructure for preserving, managing and delivering rich media assets globally, including photos, music, videos, animations and podcasts.

Globally distributed media


We advance conventional user experiences with solutions that leverage IPTV, VoD, OTT, Web-to-Web and Smart TV servicing models to deliver low-latency media streaming with vast pre-processing capabilities.


Our team delivers custom game publishing platforms with localization, monetization, and retention services that enable businesses to aggregate and distribute next‑to‑be worldwide blockbuster game hits.


We craft content aggregation solutions that enable businesses to capture unstructured media content and source, structure, curate and classify it as relevant and tailor‑made knowledge and insights.


Nakasoft develops custom advertising network solutions that are reliable, scalable, have strong predictive optimization, support complex business logic, and integrate with all major supply and demand sources.

Consumer-centric platforms

User-generated content

Reinforce a two-way conversation between your business and customers by getting the latter involved in the creation and distribution of your media assets. Built directly into content management systems and consolidated across a variety of channels, our UGC solutions build user trust and aid retention.

Personalized curation

Our compelling applications are capable of creating personalized feed of curated digital assets based on users’ personal interests, tastes, and needs. Besides, we enable brand content to be fully integrated and consumed, by matching its look and feel to each content asset within publisher editorial streams.

Content-based learning

We expand collaborative learning platforms so that they provide educators with an ability to find and bring digital content to virtual classrooms more easily.

Our dynamic content-based learning systems incorporate authoring tools that are capable of handling a machine-understandable representation form of learning activities to enable educators pursue a wide array of pedagogical approaches, including active, constructive, collaborative, intentional, conversational, contextualized learning, and reflective learning.

Content-based learning

Omnichannel monetization

Increase adoption of paying consumers by driving digital experiences that sell. Nakasoft enables businesses to categorize and classify their digital assets to yield best results and reach incremental buyers and leads.

Our custom solutions enjoy intelligent algorithms that extend asset lifecycle by repurposing it into various formats and scale its distribution to reach fragmented audiences on the web. We perform integration with a wide range of payment providers to enable micropayment or subscription-based monetization as to allow companies to see a far higher amount of revenue per user.

Content delivery orchestration

Our solutions harness the power of content delivery networks to provide your users with near-immediate access to information, services, and digital assets wherever they are.

We enhance global content delivery through third-party CDNs that enable businesses that rely on online transactions to solve latency issues by accelerating content delivery via local points of presence around the world.

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