Data management & analytics

Business intelligence consulting

We help organizations with mature business intelligence processes and those at the start of their BI journeys to build business-oriented BI ecosystems and enhance the technological aspect of their data management and use.

Our BI consultants solve versatile BI challenges related to industry regulations, changing software requirements, and evolving standards of enterprise analytics and reporting.

Business intelligence analysis

Evaluation of existing BI environments is the core of our business intelligence consulting services. We assess how adequately the software in place addresses our clients’ current BI needs, and discover technology-related gaps if any.

This analysis results in a detailed roadmap of BI‑centric activities aimed to boost the effectiveness of BI solutions in use and ensure the successful user adoption of newly deployed analytical systems.

Business intelligence implementation

Throughout our BI practice, we have accumulated the knowledge and skills to develop high-quality business intelligence solutions from the ground up, as well as to tune implemented BI apps.

We couple our BI expertise with AI competences to deliver sophisticated business intelligence, ensure automated processing of big data, and make complex analytics accessible for business users.

Business intelligence enhancement

We are a business intelligence consulting company that helps businesses adapt quickly to the evolving data market, software capabilities, and BI needs. Our team optimizes BI solutions’ architectures, upgrades outdated features and delivers brand-new BI modules, works on BI systems’ UI and makes user experience consistent across different devices and platforms.

BI development


  • Infrastructure evaluation
  • Requirements analysis
  • BI technology consulting
  • Metrics selection
  • Visualization concepts

    Data extraction

  • Data aggregation & cleansing
  • Data classification
  • ETL setup
  • Data quality assessment

    Data modeling

  • DWH architecture
  • Design of OLAP cubes
  • Setup of data lakes
  • Data integration

    BI optimization

  • Data quality improvement
  • DWH migration
  • Data storage extension
  • Technology upgrade
  • ETL redesign

    BI deployment

  • BI software configuration & implementation
  • Design of reports & dashboards
  • UI/UX customization
  • Integration with enterprise systems

    BI testing & QA

  • BI performance & stress testing
  • DWH security testing
  • Data quality checkup
  • Assessment of reports and dashboards

DWH & ETL design

As business intelligence consultants, we understand that the success of a BI solution as well as the quality of data it delivers depend heavily on the underlying BI architecture.

At Nakasoft, we design BI architectures with precision and a focus on performance, security, and scalability for all environments. We also design ETL pipelines based on batch and stream processing to set up optimal models of data aggregation, transformation and delivery.

Data sources







Data warehouse

BI platform

Data visualization

To introduce data-based business decision-making, visually compelling reporting, and interactive analytics, we implement and customize data visualization solutions and components.

As part of business intelligence implementation, our team delivers data visualization tool sets for turning complex data into clear-cut diagrams, charts, and dashboards. We ensure a consistent experience for different user groups, from expert data analysts to business users without specific BI knowledge.

BI optimization

Data integration

Through our data integration services, our BI consultants and developers help enterprises maintain the consistency, adequacy and homogeneity within their ever-growing data landscape. We put together scattered data sources, ensure data connectivity between enterprise systems, and guarantee that data flows are error-free and protected from leaks.

Data migration

We assist companies in their movement to new BI platforms, data storages, and alternative BI environments throughout all data migration stages. We set up new suitable infrastructures, prepare data for migration, optimize it, and migrate it securely to a preset location. We also train tech professionals and business users to successfully manage and use migrated enterprise data.

Data security

We pack BI solutions with custom security features or integrate these solutions with ready-made data protection and monitoring systems. Our team not only deploys security toolkits but also undertakes recurring security activities for our clients. These activities include implementing security updates, tuning security features, and carrying out security testing of BI applications, among others.

Business intelligence solutions

We cover various scenarios of BI deployment, be it unique custom-coded solutions, BI systems built on top of technology platforms, or BI modules embedded into third-party software. Within our business intelligence consulting, we guide our customers through selecting the core technology selection to the implementation and customization of optimal BI features.

Custom BI

We deliver one-of-a-kind BI solutions tailored to enterprise requirements and aligned with industry standards of data management and protection.

Our team also provides long-term post-deployment support of custom BI solutions.

Platform-based BI

We implement platform-based solutions to leverage the pre-built capabilities of various BI products.

We transform template-based BI tools into customized apps with unique features, stable performance, and upward user adoption.

Embedded BI

As part of our business intelligence development pack, we design and implement BI components, extensions, and modules for business apps, in order to make BI capabilities accessible across the enterprise software ecosystem.

Platform-based BI consulting

Power BI

As experts in Microsoft business intelligence consulting, we help organizations adopt and manage their Power BI systems with their impressive out-of-the-box BI capabilities.


We tailor Tableau solutions to help companies excel in data management and visualization. We set up Tableau systems to accelerate everyday reporting and decision-making while making these tasks less labor-intensive.


We make sophisticated data analytics easy to manage and use with Qlik-based solutions. We use Qlik’s native capabilities or add custom features to make BI solutions perfectly equipped for their owners and end users.

Multi-purpose BI

Customer-centric BI

Our company builds solutions that collect, process and aggregate customer data, helping businesses understand their target audiences better, personalize their offering, improve B2C relationships, and boost customer experience.

Going for BI development with Nakasoft, organizations can pivot their marketing, sales, and business development activities based on accurate customer analytics.

  • Customer behavior monitoring and forecasting
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Engagement analysis
  • Order and service history tracking
  • Data-driven customer segmentation
  • Targeted up- and cross-selling
  • Customer voice analysis
  • Demand prediction models

Enterprise BI

We configure enterprise-grade BI suites for stakeholders to keep tabs on their business operations, production efficiency, employee engagement, and organization-wide outcomes.

Our clients can reap the benefits of real-time analytics for effortless and concise reporting, timely correction of their business strategies, as well as enhanced communication with partners and vendors.

  • Operational analytics
  • Quality management
  • Enterprise-wide KPIs
  • Business optimization
  • Financial reporting
  • Employee performance assessment
  • Business profitability analysis

AI-powered BI

We develop solutions with built-in AI features for automated smart data analysis free from human errors. We also provide solutions that help companies arrange their data flows and improve the quality of their stored and aggregated data so that it can further be used in machine learning, deep learning, and data science models.

  • ML models and algorithms
  • Smart business assistants and bots
  • Intelligent predictive analytics
  • Augmented intelligence

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